Marker in the Sand for Hotels and CO2

This December we've been focusing on the theme of Carbon and the Paris Agreement. In this blog, Programme Manager of the International Tourism Partnership, Nicolas Perin, explores the role of hotels in meeting carbon targets. 

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COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco - PART 2

“The problem is not how big we grow. It’s about how we grow.”

During day 2 of the COP22 in Morocco, the lineup was equally strong! We heard introductions from the likes of Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC and Marcio Favilla executive director of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) which was fascinating and also eye opening in terms of the scale how important this is.

What Could the UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development mean for the event industry?

In 2017 the attention of the world’s governments and global business will turn to tourism to understand how tourism can be used to create positive social, economic and environmental impacts in the world, as the United Nations celebrates the year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Fiona Pelham outlines the crucial role the event industry has to play in this exciting year and the goals that will encourage the industry to fulfil its full potential through out 2017.


This morning I cast a vote, one of the 46.5 million expected to vote in only the 3rd time in British history where we will be asked to vote on only one question. Today over 100,000 counting staff will compile the results and we will learn if we are remaining as part of Europe or choosing to go our own way.

Thailand and its sustainability best practice as a destination!

Examples of sustainable living are popping up all over the globe and Thailand isn’t one to shy away when it comes to implementing sustainable practice across the country. As one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries in the world, Thailand has a growing environmental awareness in civil society. With it’s tourism and events industry thriving, Thailand is on i’s way to becoming a leading sustainable destination.

Is the event industry becoming more sustainable? Have international event standards played a part?

On Earth Day for the second year running #CSRShareDay filled the twittersphere (at one point we were 5th trending hashtag, right below #ObamaintheUK) and in 24 hours we reached 1.2 million people. Next week members of the event industry supply chain will gather in London to discuss a collaboration to create research for a sustainable event industry. The passion for talking about sustainability in the event industry is strong but what does this really mean?

Happy Earth Day 2016

Earth day is a chance to take a moment to stop and realise the importance of our rivers, trees and animals. Our human race is often consumed by the conversation of money but all the euros, dollars and yen can't buy us clean oceans, clean air and healthy food harvests. There is no doubt we are experiencing climate change and even the world's most powerful leaders are powerless to the force of Mother Nature.

Global Meeting Industry Day - why celebrate?

April 14th is Global Meeting Industry Day. 2016 marks the first time this event (launched in Canada over 20 years ago) will be significantly recognised around the world and there are a few reasons why everyone (no matter your profession) should be celebrating the power of the meeting and event industry.

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