What does the UN 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism mean for the event industry?

The UN have named 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourisim for Development, making this an exciting year when the focus of not only the tourism industry, but all other sectors, will be on sustainability. This month we'll be exploring exactly what this Year of Sustainable Tourism means for the event industry. 

San Francisco Travel: Case Study

Throughout much of 2016, Positive Impact was in conversation with San Francisco Travel about how they could further their sustainable event efforts by coming together with venue partners and large events in San Francisco and implementing ISO 20121. A proposal went out, San Francisco Travel were happy to get partners involved, conversations took place between all partners on an individual basis, and Positive Impact travelled to San Francisco for a kick-off meeting. An hour into the meeting it was clear that the initiative wasn't wanted by all parties, event after all these months of positive conversations. So what were there reasons? At Positive Impact we think it's important to learn as much as possible from our experiences so we spoke to all partners post 'kick-off' meeting to find out their thoughts...

Is a brand's sustainability commitment evident in their events?

This piece of research was launched by Positive Impact and Wonderful Copenhagen at the Sustainable Brands conference 2016 in Copenhagen.

During the Sustainable Brands conference'16 in Copenhagen, Denmark Positive Impact and Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau launched a piece of research that asked, "Is a Brand's Sustainability Commitment Evident in their Events?".

10 Top Tips for Communicating About Sustainability

Through sharing your sustainability actions, others in the event industry will be inspired to improve their social, economic, and environmental impacts. Think about these 10 tips when you consider sharing your sustainability journey.

London Olympics 2012

London 2012 has been a fantastic catalyst for sustainability in the event industry, influencing the development of a British Standard for Sustainable Event Management, BS 8901. This has now been developed into ISO 20121, an International Standard for Sustainable Event Management. We've gathered together a selection of resources from or related to London 2012 that can support your role in making the event industry more sustainable.

Event Sector Roadmap

The event industry is on a journey to a better and more sustainable future. We have created this simple roadmap to guide organisations and individuals towards more sustainable business practices. As you can see below it really is achievable by 2020, that is if we all make a collaborative effort. Breaking down the process into incremental stages will ensure you can fully dedicate your attention to each stage. 

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