To join our ambassador programme, please email us at telling us why you want to become one. You can find more information about what you will be doing below. 

What is the Positive Impact Ambassador Programme?

This is a way for you to champion the creation of a sustainable event industry. This is not about your job title, the company you work for or your level of experience - if you believe that the event industry should be more sustainable this is your chance to get involved and make a difference!

Why should I get involved?

Once you sign up as an Ambassador we will send you regular communications which will include opportunities for you to show your support for a sustainable event industry. For example, by signing the Positive Impact pledge and other campaigns which we partner with such as Fairtrade.

You could also have the opportunity to receive training at a reduced rate and have access to presentation materials so you can deliver presentations around the world, inspire people to change their way of working and create a sustainable event industry!


As well as allowing you to play a key role in transforming the events industry our Ambassador programme will also give you the following benefits:

  • Reduced rate online course education materials
  • Free case studies and other resources
  • Become a member of the Positive Impact network
  • Become a freelance educator
  • Work with the leading education provider

What will I need to do?

Follow the two steps below or email our Partnerships Coordinator on explaining why you would like to be an Ambassador. You will be added to the Positive Impact community and if you don’t already, you will start receiving the Positive Impact newsletter which includes a regular ‘Note for our Ambassadors’. 

Step 1: Fill in this form

Name *
Please provide a short bio (around two lines) and a quote which explains why you are passionate about sustainability. This will be added to the Positive Impact website.
Image *
Please upload a photo of yourself using the button in Step 2 below, or email the image to
This is just for our information and will not be published on the website.

Step 2: Upload or email your photo

You can securely upload your profile photo via Dropbox (you don't need an account) by clicking on the button below, or alternatively you can send it to

In the future you may need to take part in training – either online or face to face. If a unique opportunity comes up and is suited to your experience and passion we will contact you directly about training requirements.

If you want to, in the future you can support our presentations around the world and the global campaigns which we are involved in but this is optional. As the numbers of Ambassadors grow so will the opportunities which we share with you and create for you. Remember, this role is voluntary so you may sign up just to show your support or you may sign up and contact us to ask to present at your local association event.

Will it cost me anything? 

No, in fact you may even earn money as Positive Impact Ambassadors can receive sales commission from any materials which they sell.


Here is a list of those whom have agreed to become ambassadors so far, we shall put these names onto our "More Ambassadors" section once we have their pictures! Your name will also be placed onto this list until all information has been filled so you can still get recognition! We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Anastasia Zotou
  • Kyle Hillman
  • Laura McLean

Where can I find out more?

We've put together two PDF documents with even more information. You can download these by clicking on the buttons below. 


Our current Ambassadors