Alberto Gomez

I founded Ephymera Sustainability, a consulting about sustainable events in Spain, a project that has enabled me to help the main events planners of Spain, to organize their events in a more sustainable way. I also work in the organization of sustainable festivals.

One of my greatest achievements is have been helping to improve the sustainability of the spanish events industry, through numerous conferences, social networks and sensitization articles in my blog. In 2013 I coordinated the development of the first study on sustainable events in Spain, which it had great impact on the spanish industry of events. I am vicepresident of the Green Meeting Industry Council for Spain and Portugal, and I coordinate Reinspira, the first latinmerican network of experts on sustainable events, with several members from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

"The event is ephemeral, its impact is not", this is the philosophy that motivates me to try to go further in my efforts to achieve more sustainable events in my influence area. I understand the events as a powerful tool for mass communication, so if we teach the companies to contemplate sustainability criteria in their events, we will be helping those "sustainable messages" to be implanted with increasing strength in people, groups and society."

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