Anke Winchenbach

Anke is a passionate Sustainability Consultant, currently working at NEF Consulting focussing on socio-economic and environmental impact assessment and reporting, including SROI and well-being.

She has worked with clients ranging from public sector and small businesses and NGOs to large corporations from various sectors, both in developing and developed economies. Previously, she managed the ground-breaking ‘Total Impact Measurement and Management’ (TIMM) project for The Travel Foundation in partnership with PwC, which measured TUI Group’s holistic impact in Cyprus. In addition to her consultancy work she is working towards a PhD in Responsible Tourism, researching the livelihood impacts of sustainable tourism interventions. 

Before dedicating her career to support people and organisations on their sustainability journey, Anke managed travel businesses in Germany and the UK for almost two decades. Understanding clients’ needs and collaboratively building knowledge and creating solutions is still a big part of her role, and the one she enjoys the most. 

“Being a Sustainable Events ambassador will give me the opportunity to keep up to date with the progress the events industry is making, and most of all being connected to a group of inspiring and like-minded people driving the sustainability agenda forwards.” 

“When people can see a vision and simultaneously recognise what can be done step by step in a concrete way to achieve it, they will begin to feel encouragement and enthusiasm instead of fright.”  -Erich Fromm-

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