Caroline Cockburn

Caroline Cockburn is PR & Marketing Executive at Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd. an international environmental consultancy with offices in Bristol, London, Manchester, Glasgow and Brussels. Caroline shares Eunomia’s innovative research with a wider audience covering a variety of areas including waste management, low carbon and renewable energy, resource efficiency and the circular economy, ecosystem services and green infrastructure, marine planning and climate change adaptation.

Working closely with directors and consultants, Caroline curates Eunomia’s range of marketing materials including written, visual and digital content. She communicates with the media, event organisers and across social platforms on a daily basis.

Organising internal and external events is part of Caroline’s role and sustainability is considered as one of the most important criteria during the planning and delivery stages of Eunomia events.

I believe events are one of the best ways to share ideas, be inspired and create collaboration within industries, which is essential for innovation. They don’t have to leave a huge ecological footprint either, there are ways you can make them exciting, memorable, and sustainable - Positive Impact is creating a platform for this. The industry standard, community and resources will help make sustainability an essential part of the decision making process when planning an event. I would like to be part of the growing network that creates a sustainable events industry.