Courtney Lohmann

For Courtney Lohmann, CMP, a successful event isn’t about her, it’s about the joy it ­brings to other people. “In college, one of my courses focused on the importance of leisure and recreation in our lives and how that keeps us balanced and happy and healthy as humans. Events bring a piece of that balance to people,” she says. Courtney has used that mindset as a foundation for an incredibly successful career, which began with early achievements. In Chicago, she began producing a street art fair for a client and within three years, it had become one of the top 25 fine art fairs in the US. By the time she relocated to South Florida and joined the Koncept Events’ team, she had an array of major festivals, concerts and high-profile events under her belt.

She began as a Program Manager with Koncept Events, but as the company grew and its needs changed, so did her role. As the current Director of Culture, Courtney is a company health leader, go-green ambassador, internal cheerleader, continuing education champion, community give back coordinator and one of the most successful leaders on staff at Koncept Events. That may sound like quite a full plate to some, but for Courtney, it comes with ease thanks to her dedication to seeing things through and ability to be a team player no matter what situation she is in.