Jack Jeremiah

My name is Jack Jeremiah a 40 year old man from Nigeria, with a  good vision, love of others, trust, honest, kindness. I live in Rivers state, south part of the country. I have worked with a French company for 13 years now. I am also involved in a part time security job with my government as a security officer and with the transparent leadership initiative and development initiative program.

"Sustainability is important because all the choices we pursue and all the actions that we make today will affect everything in the future. We need to make sound decisions at present in order to avoid limiting the choices of generations to come.

For example, if you continue wasting water and polluting the dwindling supply of freshwater that we have today, we leave future generations with no other choice than to desalinate saltwater or treat contaminated water for their consumption and daily use. We can also be assured that, if that happens, all life that depends on clean freshwater will become extinct.

The same goes with the supply of soil that we currently have. Without proper care, our soils can easily lose quality enough that they will no longer be able to encourage growth and sustain life. If that happens, future civilisations will be void of crops and other natural sources of food. They will then have no other choice but to create man-made sources for nourishment and sustenance."

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