Morgane Stein

After experiencing the richness of cultural heritage and natural diversity through various travel and work experiences in Egypt, India, USA, Malaysia, Lebanon, China, Australia and now Malta, I acquired a strong experience in business event management and while producing big seminars across industries from finance to oil and gas, sustainability was always a theme close to my heart, but most of the time completely absent from the policies of the organisations I was working with. On a path to re-aligning my career with my values, I then decided to embark on the start-up journey in order to demonstrate that sustainability applies everywhere, hoping to inspire others to take action as there is no better way to move forward. Events being my core expertise so far, it came natural to look at how sustainability can be embedded in the event management process. ONE OF MY FAV QUOTES: With a little seed of imagination, you can grow a field of hope. ~ African proverb

MaltaPositive Impact