Myrsini Koukiasa

I was first introduced to the sustainability aspect of events whilst completing an MSc in International Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University, from which I graduated with Merit. Also inspired by a life-long passion for environmental and social issues, I decided to focus my dissertation on sustainable facility management practices followed by sports stadia managers and how these are influenced by stadia design. In addition, I have published an article on sustainable facilities management within event venues.

Following my graduation and for more than four years, I was the Events Manager & Actions Coordinator of an environmental NGO. During my time there I designed and delivered more than 50 events, project managed EU projects, coordinated awareness raising campaigns, secured sponsorships from and acted as a CSR consultant for businesses, wrote and presented grant proposals and established strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders. I am currently working as a freelancing event consultant whilst advocating for sustainability within our industry.

"The events industry has a bad reputation of creating a lot of waste for a short – lived experience. Adopting a more responsible attitude is only the first step for businesses. They then have to convince their stakeholders to do the same. For me, the sustainable future of events can only be achieved by a collective of small everyday changes that make businesses more efficient and communities happier."

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