Pippa Jo Cameron

I am studying for a Natural Sciences masters at Durham, and have an environmental career goal. I am currently head of the Environment Committee for my college, and Community Liaison officer for the People and Planet society. 

Climate change is the most important and urgent issue our world is facing. It affects everyone and everything on the planet - And it's something we can actively, positively get involved in, by changing our society to become more sustainable. It's time for everyone to get on board - What's not to love?

Sustainability is of the highest importance to me, and want to get involved in promoting this any way I can. While doing my degree I'm taking part in as much environment-related extra-curricular activity as I can, and after Uni my aim is to get a job in the environment and sustainability sector. Getting behind organisations like Positive Impact is essential to transitioning into a sustainable and long-term society. It seems like you are undertaking some fantastic work and I would love to get involved.

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