Sian Modine

Sian is a consultant, facilitator and coach and has worked with organizations for over 25 years to help them deliver their business strategies and create environments that encourage people to develop and succeed. Her current focus is on helping organizations and leaders rise to the challenge of leading for a sustainable world. She has a particular interest in sustainability within the events industry and has set up an online directory of “sustainable venues” to promote venues that have great sustainability credentials.

Her belief is that as sustainability becomes more central to business, more a ‘built in’ than a ‘bolt on’, organizations will increasingly require a clear and compelling vision and strategy that incorporates sustainability, alignment of policies and processes, creativity and innovation at all levels. They will need bold leadership and employees who are able to collaborate, focus both internally and externally, engage stakeholders and work within the global context of increasing ambiguity and complexity.

Sian’s goal is to work with organizations to develop and implement innovative sustainability strategies that become a source of competitive advantage, delivering long-term business success whilst preserving environmental integrity and accelerating positive social change.

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