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Girls Creating is a Positive Impact campaign to inspire women to talk about who has inspired them, empowering the next generation to create the lives that they want and make a difference.

Since 2016 we have been part of storytelling initiatives and have been inspired by wonderful examples of women and girls in our lives.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 is Gender Equality. Imagine if the global event industry (with its majority female workforce) took a lead in telling the story of the role of women in inspiring, engaging and supporting the creation of a world that works for everyone. 

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Last year, we heard about the many women who have empowered, inspired and supported. We want to continue to acknowledge differences made by women in the event industry.

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You’ll be asked to create an account, this means you can edit your story if you accidentally make a mistake. Not sure what to share? Have a look at what others have said to get your inspiration!

Watch our webinar

Four inspiring lessons I wish I'd known when I was seven

This International Women’s Day (8th March 2019) we have recorded a 30 minute webinar with 3 leading women in industry and events called ‘Four inspiring lessons I wish I’d known when I was seven’. Watch now to hear amazing women sharing the lessons and knowledge they wish they’d known when they were seven.

Four inspiring lessons I wish I'd known when I was seven


Fiona Pelham, CEO of Positive Impact

Lucy Laville, Course Director, UK Centre for Events Management at Leeds Beckett University

Melissa Gorrie, founder of Waste Free Edmonton and partner of Edmonton Tourism and the Edmonton Convention Centre .

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Listen to our interview series

In 2019, we’re celebrating by sharing interviews with women in the event industry, in which we discuss the importance of gender equality. You can listen online or download the recordings below.

Kristi Casey (18:46)

Kristi discusses what gender equality looks like in the workplace. From her experience, the events industry is almost 70% to 80% female, and so management needs to reflect this.

Annette Gregg (11:22)


Annette talks about equality in the workplace and equality in leadership, particularly focused on women, and how and why this is important.


Chelli Easson (6:34)

Chelli from Commonwealth Games talks about the importance of collaboration, tips for embedding sustainability in organizing, plus a women who inspires her, Diane Fossey.


Fiona Pelham (18:39)

Fiona explores the importance of, and tips on, collaboration, and explores her experiences and practical advice on working towards SDG 5, gender equality.


Gigi Alford (1:00)

Gigi talks about climate action and gender equality.


Julia Pazina (6:34)

Julia discusses tips and experiences on collaboration and sustainable development.


Sandja Brügmann (23:00)

Sandja was a business leader for 18 years. Regarding collaborating, it is a cornerstone of leadership and the importance of feedback for personal and professional growth.


Nichapa Yoswee (17:08)

Nichapa talks about the importance of knowing strengths and weaknesses and the value of sincerity and integrity, vital to a successful business.


Janet Sperstad (38:03)

Janet comes directly from an events industry background, and discusses the importance of prioritising and seeing the brain as a battery, requiring a careful balancing of work loads. Collaboration comes from an open mind.


Sister Kathy (35:49)

Leader in preventing human trafficking. She talks about an awareness and need for having 'all the voices in the room' and being free from your own certainty. She also discusses the inspiring women in her life, such as Mary Aikenhead.


Sylvia Schenek (35:48)

Sylvia discusses her own tips for collaboration, taking incentive from civil society, and bringing people together for the best results.


Katy Carlisle