#HonestGame is our project inspired by the positive change in sports in which we highlight sports reflecting the values we believe in: leadership, equality and transparency. We celebrate these successes and positive moments via our dedicated Twitter page @HonestGameUK 

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We hope that by highlighting and celebrating the successes in specific sports, the sporting world will take note, and implement these methods and the three key values in their own initiatives and game play. 


With the media regularly featuring failings such as rising ticket prices, questionable player behaviour and strained fan:club relationships, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding the sporting world. We believe that these games are missing out on the benefits of having an #HonestGame and that this negativity is over-shadowing the positive stories and initiatives that are in play every day. We therefore creating #HonestGame, in order to change perceptions of sport, shed light on otherwise un-championed sporting successes and lead to a positive impact across all levels of play.


This campaign needs the voices of the people that care to carry the #HonestGame message. This is where you come in, as you can follow our @HonestGameUK  twitter page, retweet our material and share positive sporting tales with the hashtag #HonestGame.


If you want to demonstrate a real commitment to a more sustainable future then we have a number of opportunities for you to align your brand with our work and communicate with our network. 

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Katy Carlisle