Positive Impact’s vision is a sustainable event industry by 2020. A sustainable event industry is one where event professionals are able to identify, address and measure their negative and positive impacts. So every event that happens in the world (sport, business or cultural event) brings us one step closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and a world that works for everyone.


Measurement is vital to influence government policy, industry behaviour and to tell the story of the power of events to have a positive impact in the world.

100% of sponsorship accumulated will be spent on achieving the following goals during 2019:

  • Identify and share 50 examples of events measuring their impact

  • Instigate 10 opportunities for global collaboration related to measurement

  • Share over 1,000 best practice examples about the power of events to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and #shareapositiveimpact

  • Support over 2,000 Positive Impact ambassadors to be in action and make a difference.


At Positive Impact we want you to support how measurement will highlight the role of the events to meet the UN SDGs. Everyone in the industry is invited to be part of this initiative and opportunities for action include: 

  • Sharing examples of sustainability best practice on #CSRshareDay to reach the goal of 2 million people within the industry

  • Supporting the creation of case studies and education so over 3.3 million event and sustainability professionals receive education on key issues from the sustainable development goals to choosing a sustainable destination

  • Becoming one of over 2000 ambassadors championing sustainability in your local market.

About Positive Impact

Positive Impact exists to create a sustainable event industry. We are a global not for profit which provides education and collaboration opportunities to our global community.

We take a collaborative approach and work with many partners, including industry associations, universities, media and sustainability experts - with a campaign reach of over 1,600,000.

Sustainability and Events

In Europe alone, the value of the event industry is estimated to be $1.59 trillion. Events bring people together and provide opportunities to collaborate, create and innovate solutions to create a world that works for everyone.

The United Nations have 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which governments and businesses are strategically working towards - and events are an essential vehicle to reaching these goals.

Sustainability has three main pillars - Social, Economic and Environmental. The latter is the one that most people remember, but they are all important. Positive Impact's goal is that during all aspects of the event planning process - from idea to post event debrief - the social, economic and environmental impact of that event is considered. Imagine if every event that took place in the world had a positive impact in these three areas... the world would change!

We are proud to be working with a global community of industry associations, reaching 90,000 event professionals, multiple international media partners and Universities around the world.


There is a strong business case for supporting sustainability. Stakeholders and staff want this from you. Equally, millennials are the most sustainability conscious generation yet and according to Nielsen and Deloitte, as "an influential and rapidly growing consumer market", it's important to "engage in sustainable practices or their future growth could be at risk".

Employees who are the most committed to their jobs put in 57% more effort on the job and are 87% less likely to resign, according to a study.

Sponsorship Opportunities

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