How might we address the role of plastic in the event industry?


Positive Impact, supported by Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau, are following a design thinking approach to address what the role of plastic in the event industry might be.


Using insight panels, secretariats, questionnaires and more, we are asking the industry’s input on the role of plastic in the event industry.


We have not started with the assumption that we know the answer (e.g. “no more single use plastic” or “reduce plastic by 20%”). Our question is “How might we address the role of plastic in the event industry?”.


Share your answers with us in one of the following ways:


We have created these so that it’s easy for event professionals to take action, and to gather data around the role of plastic, what we need to do, and who can help us. This commitment is our first prototype to address the role of plastic in the event industry.

Our second prototype is our EventSustainability app.

As we continue to empathise, define and ideate, more prototypes could appear and the ones that don’t produce results will disappear.


We have written to over 15 global associations, IBTM, IMEX Europe and America, as well as over 300 Positive Impact Ambassadors, we’ve taken to social media, and connected with event industry press to ask them to take action with our prototypes.

Add your commitment

Let us know that you want to make a difference.

We know it can take time for an entire company to commit to action so we want individuals to be able to make their personal commitments.
I am a...
1. Measuring and sharing my measurements
You will receive details about an app to use. Your measurements will be confidential and used to build an industry-wide picture of the role of plastic in the event industry.
2. Staying engaged and active
As we start to learn more about how to address the role of plastic in the event industry, we will be back in contact for your input and support.
3. Sharing my best practice
Use our toolkit to tell the world what action you're taking

Sponsored by Monterey Convention and Visitors Bureau and following the principles of design thinking, Positive Impact are providing education and collaboration opportunities to address this pressing question.

Katy Carlisle