Pledge for Change

Dear event professionals,

This Global Meeting Industry Day (4th April 2019) has the potential to be the last Global Meeting Industry Day where we have the opportunity to demonstrate that event professionals are part of the solution to creating a world that works for everyone and not part of the problem.

On the 15th March over 1.5 million children in over 123 countries took part in a school strike to ask business and political leaders to act on climate change. Their message was ‘our house is on fire’ and they asked us to take quick, bold and significant action to address this.

On behalf of the 1.5 million future event attendees, event professionals and world leaders this Global Meeting Industry Day will you pledge to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

In collaboration with various United Nations Bodies including UNFCCC, UN Environment, UNICEF, UN SDG and UNWTO there is the opportunity to create resources, education and collaboration opportunities so the business events industry is known as one that brings people together face to face to create positive world changing solutions.

To mark Global Meeting Industry Day, Positive Impact have released a webinar which includes a number of children who took part in school strikes in the UK, Scotland and Hong Kong. These young people understand that large events create carbon emissions as people fly to them, generate plastic waste from materials being used and food waste when there are people starving in the world. They understand that connection can happen virtually and question why carbon emissions can’t be reduced by less travel to events. 

In November 2018 the IPCC Climate Change Report included the approach which seems obvious to the young climate protesters and suggested that global governments and business should use more technology for their events and decrease their travel as a way to lower carbon emissions. The business case for our industry to take immediate action is clear.

If you are an event professional who wants to be part of the solution rather than the problem mark this Global Meeting Industry Day by signing a pledge for change.


  • Fiona Pelham

  • Carina Bauer

  • Samme Allen

  • Miguel Neves

  • Brian Stevens

  • David Kliman

  • David Peckinpaugh

  • Steve O’Malley

  • Katy Carlisle

  • Makiko Yamamoto

  • Suzanne Medcalf Mulligan

  • Lottie May Taylor

  • Carly Roncaglio-Marotta

  • Bev Ridyard

  • Katharina Cameron

  • Bea Gilbert

  • Laura Brown

  • Kayleigh Lee-Simion

  • Harry Robinson

  • Sarah Hall-Murphy

  • Monika Birkle

  • Alexandria Palzewicz

  • Steffi Kordy

  • June Clark

  • Carolina Vosátková

  • Marnie Gomes

  • Zuri Events

  • Rob Eveleigh

  • Katrin Schmitt

  • Jane Scaletta

  • Sol Magarolas

  • Kevin Hinton

  • Natalie Lowe

  • Katrin Naumann

  • Ana Dorly Jaramillo Salazar

These individuals represent a cross sector of the meeting industry who have pledged to be part of the solution not the problem.

Take the Pledge

We’ve had 39 people from the event industry pledging to make a difference so far. Will you join them?

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For example, designing your event to have a positive impact, using suppliers who support this goal and sharing your learnings

I want to start taking action on…


1. Addressing the role of plastic in the event industry


2. Measuring plastic at my event


3. Identifying my own sustainability issues and creating a roadmap to address them


4. Communicating to my suppliers that sustainability is important to me by using the Sustainable

Event Principles


5. Identifying practical actions I can take so my event meets the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

noun_Speech Bubbles_1767135_91c35d.png

6. Speaking out within my event community on how we can be sustainable

noun_Scales of Justice_1034828_91c35d.png

7. Using events to address the role of human rights

noun_Power Plant_1172457_91c35d.png

8. Measuring the carbon impact of my event

noun_green bin_957619_91c35d.png

9. Addressing food waste


10. Educate myself on what a sustainable event industry is

noun_environmental studies_2018268_91c35d.png

11. Read about what UN Environment believe the event industry’s key environmental impacts could be


12. Learning from best practice


13. Choosing suppliers to support my sustainability journey

noun_environmental certificate_2031287_91c35d.png

14. Choosing suppliers who are 1st party ISO 20121 certified

Katy Carlisle