Share a Positive Impact

Share a Positive Impact is an online campaign designed to create a global, collaborative vision for a more sustainable event industry.


We want to do this by encouraging anyone working within events or anyone attending events (so pretty much everyone) to share inspirational examples they've seen of sustainability in action in the events industry on twitter using #shareapositiveimpact.


We want to change the event industry conversation from: "No-one is asking us for sustainability" to "Everyone is sharing examples of best practice". This campaign will profile the event industry as a global leader delivering best economic, environmental and social practice and providing inspiration and examples for other sectors to follow. This campaign's use of social media means its outreach is vast and anyone can be involved, therefore, its impact is potentially enormous!


We know that everyday, around the globe, there are events championing sustainability and employing innovative sustainability initiatives, but they are simply going under the radar and being lost amongst the more widely publicised  ones. We wanted to create a way of shining the spotlight on these sustainability champions and their practises, encouraging event organisers to learn from each other and work together to form a more sustainable event industry. #shareapositiveimpact means that all events, big or small, have a platform to be celebrated and praised for their efforts and that you can be our eyes and ears, discovering these heroes and sharing them with the world!


We are actively encouraging anyone to get involved with this campaign, so if you have seen positive examples at events you've attended, employed sustainability initiatives at your own event or hear about a positive event impact, then share it with us on Twitter by using #shareapositiveimpact. Pictures of the initiatives are particularly welcome and tweets such as the ones below:

"I was inspired by the local food sourcing policy at ... festival in … #shareapositiveimpact"

"Was great to see the array of recycling facilities at ... in ... #shareapositiveimpact"

"Here is a picture of the trees planted using money from ... event #shareapositiveimpact"

We will be retweeting your #shareapositiveimpact posts and sharing our own examples of sustainability initiatives along the way. Visit our Twitter profile or Instagram to see more and share your own inspirational examples, or check out our Share a Positive Impact library.

Share a Positive Impact Library

Here are the latest entries from our Share a Positive Impact library.


If you want to demonstrate a real commitment to a more sustainable future then we have a number of opportunities for you to align your brand with our work and communicate with our network. 

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