World Peace Day



We want to create a global conversation about how events can be used to achieve the UN SDGs and in particular, SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

Positive Impact Events is proud to present our campaign which coincides with UN World Peace Day and the 70th anniversary of The UN Declaration of Human Rights.

21st September is UN World Peace Day, and to celebrate this momentous day we have launched our digital campaign with the creation of 6 free webinars exploring the theme of peace and sustainability in the event industry.

Why and how are Positive Impact celebrating World Peace Day?

Positive Impact defines 'peace' as when people connect and collaborate to make the world a better place. This can be done through small, everyday and sustainable actions, such as:

  • Making new friends

  • Recycling more

  • Helping others to achieve their goals.

Peace is driven by selflessness and sustainability,

Get involved by attending one or all of the 6 free webinars and audio webinars on 21st September by clicking on the links below.

The following webinars will feature event professionals, academics and sustainability warriors:

1) "Creating an Environment for Peace" will question how location and materials used at events affect the outcome positively or negatively.

2) "Understanding the Opportunity: Events Create Peace" will explore how events can have more than just an economic positive impact.

3) "Measurements and its Role in Creating Peace" will determine how to measure tangible business benefits by using event venues to promote peace.

4) "Collaborate for Peace": will investigate the opportunities stakeholder engagement brings to create positive results.

5) "Telling the Story of Peace":  will try to understand how best to share sustainable practices, build reputations and create a positive business impact on businesses and society.

6) "Sharing for Peace": will discuss how sharing one example can make a difference and teach ways for event professionals to share your story and have an impact.

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 Video Interview

Fiona Pelham and Sandja Brügmann talk about World Peace Day and Activating Purpose Conscious Leadership Training! If you're interested in Sandja's leadership courses, have a look at her website: 



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