Positive Impact Marketing & Intern Manager Job Specification


Time required for Role:

This role can be delivered over 3 mornings a week or 12 hours and the time required in the central Manchester office is flexible.



£26,000 per annum pro rate for 12 hours work per week 

A key element to this role and working within Positive Impact is that the culture is on results not hours worked. 


Trail Period Target:

There is a trial period of 3 months as is the norm with most new job roles.


Job Role Summary:

For the Marketing and intern manager  role, your job is to manage the intern team on the  day to day delivery of the marketing plan (which is in place to December 2018).

The intern team (who are on 3 month placements) take the actions required to deliver the marketing activities of the organisation.

 The co ordinator will work with the CEO on developing the marketing plan for 2019.


Job Role Targets:

Growing Positive Impact community by approx 4,000 emails per quarter

Creating and developing 15 existing media partnerships to grow the reach of our impact and brand recognition.

Managing the intern team who change on a 3 month basis


Detailed Actions Required of the Job Role:

  • Managing the marketing for the company and activities within the marketing
  • Department according to the marketing plan.
  • Developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives in co ordination with the CEO.
  • Planning & Co-ordinating marketing campaigns and managing the intern team to take the actions to deliver.
  • Measuring results and monitor and report on effectiveness of marketing communications with intern support.
  • Furthering 10 strategic event industry media partnerships and 5 strategic non event industry partnerships.
  • Contribute to weekly team meeting and quarterly strategy day to maintain effective internal communications to ensure that all relevant company functions are kept informed of marketing objectives.
  • Contribute new ideas on how our content can grow our community.
  • Weekly review of intern reporting and taking action to support/mentor/manage the interns to meet their goals.
  • Working with the existing interns to identify, interview, train new interns.


Date of Job Role Start:

From 2nd April (there is flexibility in the start date)

Ideally we would like the successful candidate to join the team in the Manchester office for strategy day on March 29th


How to Apply for the Job:

Please send your CV and a cover letter explaining how you will be able to work in an environment that focus’ on empowering staff (rather than telling them what to do) and provides flexible working structure where everyone is responsible for taking actions that make a difference (rather than sitting at a desk for a specific number of hours).

Send this to before 30th March

Email: | Address: Fourways House, 57 Hilton Street, Manchester, M1 2EJ | Tel: +44 (0)161 273 5107 |