denmark Workshop Series

Danish ISO 20121 Workshop Series Starting September 2017

This workshop series will take you through the steps of ISO 20121 so you are able to demonstrate 1st party certification and at the same time provide you will local support, best practice and advice.

The workshops will be delivered through a collaboration between global not for profit Positive Impact and Danish partners with unique local experience and expertise

This series of workshops will be held all around Denmark, with the first workshop being held in Copenhagen.

For more information on education and collaboration to create a sustainable event industry see

When will these workshops take place?

10am-3.30pm on 7th of September

10am-3.30pm on 23rd November

10am-3.30pm on 16th March

10am-3.30pm on 31st May

How much do the workshops cost?

KR40,000 per attendee. The cost is per attendee because it is important that the same person attends each of the workshops. For example if 4 different people from the same company attended one workshop each the promised outcomes of the workshop would not be achieved.

What will people achieve through attending the workshop series?

1. Understanding and taking action on how to create strategies to save money - part of ISO 20121 is measuring your impact and monitoring changes - this results in cost saving.

2. Understanding and taking action on how to build your brand reputation - ISO 20121 is a globally recognised standard so customers around the world will understand this as a sign of your sustainability credentials.

3. Understanding and taking action on how to run your business with increased efficiency - ISO 20121 is a process to increase efficiency.

4. To be taken step by step through the implementation of a global standard - receive templates, checklists and guides which will mean you can implement a challenging concept with ease - we will hold your hand. By the end of this workshop you will be able to demonstrate first party certification to ISO 20121.

5. Understanding how to protect your brand - customers now expect sustainability (see Positive Impact global research reports)

6. To have access to an online movement and reporting system which will support your business efficiency

What is the Agenda for the workshop series?

Each workshop will guide you through the steps of ISO 20121 and provide you with practical support in your local environment.

Workshop 1- identifying your issues. In this workshop you will take the important first step of understanding what your unique focus should be.

Workshop 2- creating your objectives. In this workshop you will learn how to create an action plan to meet your objectives and you will hear local examples of best practice which may support your journey.

Workshop 3-measurement and reporting. In this workshop you will learn how to measure, what to do with measurements and what local support there is to measure and report.

Workshop 4-dealing with unexpected challenges. In this workshop you will learn how to create a culture so you can successfully overcome unexpected challenges and you will hear local success stories.

 Each workshop will include homework, toolkits with practical advice and attendees will also have access to an online reporting system. These materials are worth over KR9,000

After completing the workshops and homework attendees will be able to demonstrate evidence of being 1st party certified to ISO 20121

 If you cannot pay by card and require an invoice please email

For additional information about the workshop series, see the link below

This workshop is being created and led by a collaboration of passionate sustainability champions including: 

Stine Bigum Pedersen


Fiona Pelham

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Sofie Randel