Easy Steps for Implementing ISO 20121

Easy Steps for Implementing ISO 20121


This 7 page guide will take you through the key steps involved to meet the International Standard for Sustainable Event Management, ISO 20121. It will simplify the language and give you examples of how you can achieve each step. 

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What this guide covers

Firstly, we outline who the ISO 20121 standard is applicable for and what it actually is, including its relevance. We then give a history of the standard to ensure that the purpose and significance of implementing it is fully understood.

After giving a brief overview of sustainability, the guide outlines realistically what implementation will involve and how to get started.

Finally, we outline 24 easy (but detailed) steps to guide you through the ISO 20121 implementation process. We then summarise the benefits of completing this process and outline some of the organisations that are already implementing ISO 20121 as reference points.