Sport Sustainability

Sport Sustainability

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The creation of Sport Sustainability was funded by The International Olympic Committee and Sport Accord in 2012. It was originally a series of four modules two delivered by Positive Impact and two delivered by AISTS. Since 2016 the education has existed in a different format with Sport Sustainability covering the two modules of education created by Positive Impact:

  • Implementing ISO 20121 (£250)
  • Reporting according to GRI EOSS (£250)

This education was created to support host cities, federations and sort event organisers to understand how to implement ISO 20121 and report according to GRI EOSS guidelines. The first education module covers ISO 20121 implementation. ISO 20121 was inspired by the London Olympic and Paralympic Games commitment to sustainability. ISO 20121 is suitable for major events, including sporting events.

The second module covers GRI EOSS. The International Olympic Committee funded the creation of the Global Reporting Initiative for the Event Organizers Sector Supplement and this reporting framework has been used by both London and Rio.

Sport Sustainability is suitable for anyone part of the sport event supply chain who is ready to move beyond a beginner's level of implementing sustainability. The education modules can be purchased separately or bought together at a discounted rate of £400. 

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