SWOT Analysis

You may have come across a SWOT analysis in other areas of your business and it's a great way to identify issues that you should be focusing in relation to your actions around sustainability. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. In general, strengths and weaknesses will be internal issues and opportunities in threats will be external (although there may be some overlap). 


What strengths does your organisation have, for example, do you have strong resources, or do you have a good reputation in some area? Write down all the strengths you can think of. 


What weaknesses does you organisation have? Are you a new organisation, do you have limited resources? Write down all the weaknesses you can think of.


What threats does you organisation have? Do you have major competitors, is something happening in the external market place which is threatening you? Write down all the threats you can think of. 


It makes sense to think of this last as you may be able to turn a threat into an opportunity. What opportunities does you organisation have? Are you innovating in a certain area, do you have unique skills. Write down all the opportunities you can think of.

Katy Carlisle