Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Positive Impact?

Positive Impact is a not for profit set up in 2005 by Fiona Pelham. Our vision is a sustainable event industry and we provide education, resources and inspiration for our global community

How can I get involved?

We're glad you asked! We have a number of ways for you to get involved with what we do:

I don't have any money but I want to learn, how can I do that?

We believe that everybody should be able to contribute towards a more sustainable industry, regardless of their budget. We have a fantastic resource area that is available for members (it's free, you just need to sign up) and we even have some completely unrestricted resources too! 

I'm a student wanting an interview for a dissertation, how can I get that?

We really love it when students are passionate about sustainability and want to help shape the future of our event industry. Contact us to book an interview on

How do I know where to start with sustainability?

We have a number of education options that are perfect if you're at the beginning of your sustainability journey. You can also check out our resources for ideas and inspiration!

What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability means much more than "green" or "eco" events. It's about finding a balance between your environmental impact along with your social and economic impacts. 

Do you have anything in my area of the world?

We have a global community and you can access our online courses from anywhere in the world. We also have our international Ambassadors so can deliver education in a number of locations. Contact us for more information on

How can my company/myself partner with Positive Impact?

One of our key company values is collaboration and we love partnering with others to work towards our vision of a sustainable event industry. From becoming an Ambassador to sponsoring our community and campaigns, there are so many ways that you can take action and have a positive impact

I have a question that can't be answered through anything I have found on the website

If you have a specific sustainability issue or need more support to make your events more sustainable, please get in touch with our team on We would love to help!

I want to give some feedback, share an idea or voice a complaint

We want to hear any of your comments, good or bad. Please email us on with more information!