Featured Ambassador: Melissa Radu

Melissa lives in Edmonton in Canada. She has been working in Meetings and Conventions with Edmonton Tourism in the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. We asked Melissa some questions about her thoughts on sustainability.

So Mel, tell us about your interest in sustainability...

Sustainability is such a multidimensional and complex topic - I think at times it can be a really daunting idea for businesses and organisations. My passion is helping people break down this perception and understand the practical applications of sustainability in their work and the steps to getting there. I think a lot of times great sustainability work can start with just a conversation…for me, it’s all about getting that discussion started.

What one tip would you give to others when it comes to sustainability in events?

If you’re going to bother doing anything , you ought to measure it. There is a huge absence of usable quantifiable data across the events industry. If we can build better data sets, we could use that to make better decisions when it comes to the impact and carbon footprint of our events.

What is your favourite SDG and why?

Responsible Consumption #12. I love this SDG because it is something we can all control at the individual level. For me, it is an easy first step that everyone can take – to think more about what their personal consumption habits and purchasing habits are and help to drive change from the demand side of the industry. We are so fortunate because at the Edmonton Convention Centre, our chef is completely committed to using local food suppliers and food grown right here on our rooftop garden. Our clients and employees are always so pleased with this.

Why do you think others should sign up to become an Ambassador?

Becoming an Ambassador really solidifies your commitment to being an advocate for sustainable events. It is like a promise to yourself to uphold sustainable commitments and share important knowledge and education about the SDGs in your own network. You see what people around the world are doing and you have always a renewed drive to work towards a more sustainable events industry.