Intern of the week 

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Sabina Mirea

Social Media and Lead Intern 

Week 1: 23rd- 27th July 2018

Lets find out a little more about our marvellous intern of the month

Favourite thing about internship?  I was given full responsibility for the role and was given the freedom to full own what i was achieving.

Favourite campaign you've been part of? It has to be #shareapositiveimpact because its so applicable to any industry and situation.  Its the small actions which make a big change happen so sharing the impact can be extremely powerful.

Favourite sustainable company or venue? I like the idea behind 'The real Junk Food Project' which i discovered in Manchester.   The aim is to divert surplus food and they work on a pay-as-you-feel-basis.  Not only does this reduce food waste it allows everyone to be entitled to quality food.

Favourite lunch to have at work?  I love bringing pasta to work; especially spaghetti bolognese