Intern Of The Week 

                                                  Annie Powell                                   Content and Lead intern

                                                Annie Powell

                                Content and Lead intern

Week 2: 6th- 12th August 2018

Lets find out a little more about our marvellous intern of the week

Favourite thing about internship?  My favourite thing has to be how the internship has allowed me to grow not only my skill set but also my confidence in my self which i put down to working alongside such inspiring and supportive colleges.  

Favourite campaign you've been part of? I loved reading all the tweets about the Honest Game Campaign when i was looking for examples of for the newsletter.

Favourite sustainable company or venue? I really ICC Sydney  (International Convention Centre Sydney) as i love reading about how they utilise the local community as their supply chain therefore, improving and stimulating the local economy.  

Favourite after work drink?  Double G&T!