5 Sweet Ideas to Reduce Food Waste and Food Miles at Your Events

Think about these 5 tips when you consider reducing food waste and food miles at your events:


1 - Choose venues that get it
Venues have a big role to play in how food is used and wasted. By choosing venues for your event that have sustainability policies, it will be easier to put positive food practices in place.

Top tips-to-reduce-food-waste-make-dirt

2 - Make dirt!
Make sure that all food that is biodegradable is composted rather than just put in the bin. This will reduce the waste going to landfill unnecessarily. In the UK alone, 10 million tonne of food is wasted every year - 60% of which could have been avoided (WRAP 2016: http://bit.ly/2cfOrjZ). Also, the compost can be used by the venue to grow vegetables or flowers on their grounds. 


3 - Link up with food organisations
By working with food-donation charities and other groups, food that would otherwise go to waste after an event can have a positive impact in the community.


4 - Dinnerware redux
Events can also result in substantial waste from plates and cutlery. To reduce this, aim to use reusable plates and cutlery at the event. If this isn’t possible, make sure anything disposable can be recycled at the event.


5 - Call to action
Communicating with guests, staff, and catering in a fun and engaging way to raise awareness about food waste will help ensure that the positive practices you have implemented are carried out. Don’t use particularly technical language, but rather, make the message clear with a call to action.