Happy Earth Day 2016

Earth day is a chance to take a moment to stop and realise the importance of our rivers, trees and animals. Our human race is often consumed by the conversation of money but all the euros, dollars and yen can't buy us clean oceans, clean air and healthy food harvests. There is no doubt we are experiencing climate change and even the world's most powerful leaders are powerless to the force of Mother Nature.

So what do we do? Continue to recklessly squander limited resources with the perspective that only today matters or sanctimoniously stop using our resources with the aim of saving something for future generations?

I believe there is a 3rd way, a lesser explored middle point, let's call this 'imaging life in a new way' and the event industry is vital to developing this approach to life. Imagine a world where humans collaborated to create new solutions, lifestyles and cultures. Imagine if our shared human goal was a balanced approach to economic, environmental and social impacts. Imagine if people were inspired and empowered to explore new solutions and champion positive change. When the world's governments agreed on the 17 sustainable development goals in 2015 we moved one step closer to this vision.

Events bring people together. This enables innovation, collaboration, idea exchanges, and community creation. These things are all vital for meeting the UN sustainable development goals and creating a world that works for everyone, especially Mother Nature.

This earth day the global event community are showing the world that they understand their influential role and significant responsibility with a global campaign called #CSRshareDay. Over 24 hours, event professionals will take to Twitter to answer questions, share best practice and set challenges to create a sustainable event industry. This is the second year this initiative has taken place and the goals this year include: reaching 1 million people, encouraging champions to sign a carbon pledge and inspiring individuals to become Positive Impact ambassadors to champion sustainability 365 days a year.

#CSRshareDay began because one person not only imagined the world could be different but took action and gathered a global team to  share their stories. Over the last 12 months this team has grown to include students, global event professionals based in places such as Thailand and Japan, and for the first time sponsors who understand the value of placing their money where it can make a positive difference- so thank you Freeman and Oregon Convention Center. 

This Earth Day, for 24 hours inspiring event professionals will tell the story of how events can responsibly bring people together to create a world that works for everyone. So this Earth day when you pause to think how we can live in harmony with Mother Nature don't forget the role of events. Take time to join the Twitter conversation and become part of a global community of leaders passionately championing a new way and taking action to meet the 17 UN sustainable development goals. I have faith that if any community is going to be the catalyst for world change it is the event community and #CSRshareDay is inspiring evidence of this!!