Life on Land

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 15, Life on Land, amplifies the importance of the earth for our sustenance and livelihood. This month, Positive Impact is focussing on how the events industry can protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, ultimately combating climate change.

Monthly Interview

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing an inspirational leader in the field of preventing human trafficking, Sister Cathy, who we spoke to about collaboration in events, inspiring women and how the the events industry can better ‘Life on Land.’

I would say that what I have grown in personally is the awareness that we need all the voices in the room. That no one organisation, that no one person, has all the gifts to make change happen... be free from your own certainty that you’re right and try to free yourself up to listen to the truth from somebody you totally disagree with... we are all willing to partner with each other and we’re not seeing ourselves as separate entities or separate industries, we are all connected and all these issues are connected.
— Sister Cathy on collaboration in the events industry

Sister Cathy’s Top Tips

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“For me, my plan is this sense of first I need that creative space…stop the energies that are driving us… when I’m trying to come up with a new idea, it’s the space. Sometimes it’s go for a walk and don’t think about anything. See what emerges. I believe in contemplative sitting where we just let what is within us emerge and that’s the way I start something, a new vision, a new idea… they say its when we are really relaxed that the vision comes. It’s not when you sit down with a pen and paper at your laptop and you’re trying to come up with a new theme but I think only when we turn off the phone.”

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“Instead of seeing ourselves as separate countries, separate industries, separate races and cultures, what I would love to see is that we have a sense to see how deeply connected each and everyone of us is. I would love to see compassion and kindness motivate all we do instead of profits. We would grow an awareness in that each action you take: like one sustainable action as you know in a hotel has a great impact on our environment… Any one person in the tourism industry who makes one choice can see it as, “well what can I do? It is just one choice”… who knows how that rippled out!”

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“I was at meetings yesterday at our house and we had the Survivor Services for the LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. We collaborated together between the government agencies, non-profits and people of faith. It was wonderful because we just said, “here are the resources we can offer,” and somebody else said, “we have a shelter and we still have three beds, and we have an education scholarship we can offer.” We networked together in terms of responding to the needs of people.”

Featured Case Study

At Positive Impact we know it is only possible to tell the story of the power of events in collaboration. This year our theme is #CollaborateForGood and as part of this, we are creating media collaborations that make a difference.

This month we looked at our collaboration with IMEX, and what they’ve been implementing to make their events sustainable - check it out to the right!

We also looked at the roadmap we created with Visit Indy to map out their sustainability journey! If you would like your own roadmap click the button to the right and create your own roadmap for FREE or for a tailored one contact us at

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