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This month our theme is 'How can the events industry use education to promote a sustainable future?'

This time We have collaborated with Janet Sperstad from Madisson College and The Iceberg to Bring you the best content

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The UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 aims to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote life long learning. 


By gathering people together the event industry has the opportunity to educate and set and example to encourage attendees to make sustainable choices.


Monthly Interview

This month as part of our #CollaborateforGood series we spoke to Janet Sperstad, event management professional and professor at Madison College.

Janet discussed the importance of collaboration and how we can collaborate most effectively, 'We collaborate when we have an open mind. What collaboration really is, is that you listen not with preconceived notions but you listen for new ideas and you change perspective.'

Events can really solve complex problems because events are about people, technology is a tool its not a solution so the more we can look at these events that inspire people to think differently and solve complex problems without draining the resources of our planet of our local economies and using up resources that are so precious in this world. That’s some great potential.
— Janet Sperstad
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Janet also shared with us her tips on using education at events:

Featured Case Study

At Positive Impact we know it is only possible to tell the story of the power of events in collaboration. This year our theme is Collaborate for Good and as part of this, we are creating media collaborations that make a difference. 

To give you more idea of how our media collaborations work (with the goal you may get inspired on your own collaborations) we spoke to James Latham from The Iceberg. See the full case study by clicking on the button. 

This month's roadmap

A Roadmap is a visual plan that communicates where you want to get to, and can be shared with your customers and supply chain. A good roadmap will have at least one objective which your customers and supply chain can help you achieve and a number of inspiring ideas and tactics which you can work towards.

This months road map focuses on the UK event industry, and it designed to give organisations and individuals guidance towards more sustainable business practices. Take a look!

If you would like your own roadmap use our website and create your own roadmap for FREE or for a tailored one contact us at info@positive-impact-events.com

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