Sustainable Cities and Communities


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 is to make cities and communities sustainable, safe, inclusive and resilient places.

50% of the world’s population now live in cities and urban spaces, and that figure is only set to rise. Furthermore, given that many events take place in cities, as an industry we are in a great position to help achieve this goal.

Monthly Interview

This month we were lucky enough to interview society for incentive travel excellence (SITE) President, CITP, CMP, President & CEO of Events In & Out S.R.L., Annamaria Ruffini, who gave her insight surrounding collaboration in events and sustainable development goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

A few years ago, as President of the SITE Italy chapter, I made the decision that we have to become the first chapter in the world to have a green member and one of the board members told me that he would like to be the one.
The collaboration at that time was pretty exciting because after a chat between both parties, we decided to write a book about eco-events, sustainability and incentive travel. A collaboration between associations can be built up with just a five-minute speech.
— Annamaria Ruffini
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Featured case Study

At Positive Impact we know it is only possible to tell the story of the power of events in collaboration. This year our theme is #CollaborateForGood and as part of this, we are creating media collaborations that make a difference.

This month we looked at our collaboration with Formula-e, and how they have been revolutionising the world of racing to make it into a sustainable, inclusive industry. Formula e use virtually emission free Glycerine Fuel generators to charge the cars, and the 80% of the Visa London ePrix in 2016 was powered by renewable energy.

Take a look at Formula e's roadmaps and case studies on the right!

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