Ten Top Tips to Create Gender Equality in the Events Industry

Ten Top Tips

Our theme of the month is "what does gender equality look like in the event industry?" According to the UN, "globally, male employment-to-population ratio stood at 72.2 per cent, while the ratio for females was 47.1 per cent; with these women earning on average only 60 to 75 per cent of men’s wages." The effects of gender inequality within the workplace can lead to a loss of productivity and self worth in employees. The events industry is therefore a great platform to educate and show the true value of gender equality, to help enforce a fair and supportive environment for all. 

1. Offer a fair and transparent salary range

Women have been found to ask for less money than men when asking the question "what do you think your salary should be?" Interviewers should provide a fair and transparent salary range and ask for them to place themselves in it. 

2. Mentor employees and offer fair career progression plans

Offering leadership programmes and career progression plans to all employees can ensure all employees feel valued and empowered. 

3. Make the workplace flexible 

Women are more likely to have conflicting priorities. Employers should look to create an open and balanced workplace environment to help them manage their lives and workload. 

4. Introduce quantifiable metrics 

Introducing quantifiable metrics will help your workplace calculate certain quotas and promote a 50-50 gender split on all teams. 

5. Use the power of networking

Offer networking opportunities to help women build confidence and develop their careers.

6. Reassess job requirements for senior roles

Organisations that fail to hire an equal an amount of women than men for senior roles should assess what barriers may be preventing this.

7. Consider biases within the organisations

Unconscious bias is, unfortunately, inevitable. A couple of ways you can tackle this is to remove names from CVs when circulated and not to ask for an explanation for multi-year gaps to help prevent discrimination.   

8. Promote gender equality within the organisation 

Promoting gender equality with eye-catching visuals and facts around the work environment will make employees aware of this issue and help change attitudes and behaviour. 

9. Employers to squash harassment 

With more than half of women to say they have been subject to sexual harassment at work, managers should take more responsibility to help tackle this issue.  

10. Offer to coach to all employees

Offering feedback to all employees will help promote a fair and equal workplace. Don't be afraid to criticise women for the fear of being accused of bias. We all need to grow and improve as employees.