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What is a Roadmap?

A roadmap is a visual plan that communicates where you want to get to, and can be shared with your customers and supply chain. A good roadmap will have at least one objective which your customers and supply chain can help you achieve and a number of inspiring ideas and tactics which you can work towards.

An excellent roadmap will have numerical targets which the roadmap creator can measure progress towards. Everything on a roadmap should be relevant to the roadmap creator (for more advice on identifying your issues which is also part of ISO 20121 visit


Why create a Roadmap?

To know where you are going and to give your clients, supply chain and peers a way to help you get there! It demonstrates:

-       Sets targets

-       Good planning

-       Strong communication

-       Strategic

-       Provides a guide for everyone involved


3 steps to create a Roadmap


1.      Gather a team and ask them what issues + challenges are we facing + create a list

2.      Choose the issues which you have some control over + which could make the biggest positive impact and identify 1 action you could take to address the issue e.g. issue waste at your events (action) – ban single use plastic bottles at your event. (Put these on your roadmap around the road)

3.      Identify broad objectives which everyone will understand + which you can crack e.g. measure your impact / educate your team / decrease your food waste (Put these on the road on the roadmap)


What is ISO 20121?

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