Sustainable Event Principles


In May 2018, a group of sustainability and event professionals gathered at IMEX Frankfurt to discuss the idea of creating ‘Sustainable Event Principles’. The principles for sustainable events created as an outcome can be found here.

Over the next few months, the Event Industry Council will share further information on how these principles can be used and Positive Impact are optimistic that these principles will inspire action in the creation of a sustainable event industry.

Stakeholder engagement is an essential step in creating positive change in the world. As the executive summary of the meeting demonstrates, the Sustainable Event Principles were drawn from expertise and existing international initiatives from ISO20121 to UN Climate Change event checklists. Stakeholder engagement is an opportunity to connect with the future users of these principles and hear their voice. 

In the over 10 years that Positive Impact have provided collaboration and education opportunities to create a sustainable event industry, we have constantly been inspired by ideas, insight, and input from students, sustainability professionals and global event professionals. Therefore, in line with Positive Impact’s mission to collaborate, our values of transparency and proactivity, and our understanding of best practice stakeholder engagement, we are inviting our community to share their ideas and input so that the next time Positive Impact are invited to join a forum to discuss these principles we can represent the voices of those who are not around the table.

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To share your opinion and collaborate on how the Sustainable Event Principles can be used, please leave your feedback below.