UN SDG Global Festival of action


Dear UNSDG Festival Attendees

Thank you for joining the global movement to take action for the SDGs. By answering the SDG’s urgent call for global action you have kept the momentum on world leaders’ commitment to the SDGs and on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We want to support you to bring your impactful ideas to life and we know that the power of events is a way to do this. We are sure you will want to deliver a sustainable event, so we have created a toolkit to help you. We have complied an easy to use collection of resources, education tools and events presented through the prism of the sustainable development goals to make sure your in the best position to tackle these urgent global issues efficiently.

Tell me the basics - I have no budget or time to deliver a sustainable event - What should I do?

- Watch this useful webinar we have created on how events can be used to further implement the UNSDG’s.

- #shareapositiveimpact and browse examples of sustainable events in action in order to copy and be inspired by best practice.

- Read and familiarise yourself with the UNSDG Action Campaign and UNSDG Report 2018 in order to be fully up to date with the current efforts to achieve sustainability and therefore be able to emulate the key highlights and innovations of the festival.

- Share this QR code with your event attendees to easily provide more information about sustainable events, and how they can take action!


Can you just give me a checklist ?

- If every event happened in the exact same location, with the exact same approach we could perhaps create a checklist. Many venues do have their own checklists! Nevertheless at Positive Impact we exist to provide education and collaboration to create a sustainable events industry. Our tools are here to support and inspire you. We want to make sure that there is more to the concept of sustainability than ‘use compostable cups’.

Therefore empowering and inspiring you to understand that the results of compostable cups depends on so much more, whether that is the destinations waste management infrastructure or where those cups are travelling to and from. As ultimately we believe there are so many ways that you can take action and have a positive impact.

- Download our Event Sustainability Measurement App in order to understand the role of plastic within the event industry and how it can be addressed. This app is for anyone who organises or attends events, big or small, across the world. Which means it can also be shared with your event attendees so they can help to achieve real sustainability as well.

- Find out more about IS020121 an International Standard for event sustainability which embeds a process (i.e a way for a working culture to be embedded so that at every decision point whether that be social , economic or environmental impacts are considered).

- Identify best practice with programs like the Sustainable Meeting Planning Program® (SMPP®): the only third-party pre-certified tool for event management system implementation in compliance with ISO 20121. Visit www.certifysustainability.com for more information.

- The time to take action is now, so to start your journey towards a more positive impact why not visit the Global Destination Sustainability Index: the leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for meetings and events destinations around the world.

- Sustainability for events means taking action towards preserving our natural environment; promoting a healthy, inclusive society; and supporting a thriving economy. Join global events industry leaders, like the Events Industry Council in endorsing the principles for sustainable events.


I’m committed to being in action to deliver my event as sustainably as possible & share my learnings, what should I do?

- Gather your team to identify how you can become truly sustainable in your approach to events as well as creating a clear roadmap for your future*

*FYI your team could include your event supply chain

- Gather your team to identify where you use plastic at your event, in an attempt to help you reduce your production of plastic waste. Another opportunity to be motivated and inspired is through our plastics insight panel which will bring together key voices and help you further your strategic goals.

- Ask your event organisers and practitioners to make time to capture and share best practice with the global event industry through #shareapositiveimpact and other relevant social media.

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