Identifying Your Issues

Your issues are areas where you have an impact around sustainability or that may prevent you from reaching your sustainability goals. The next few exercises that you do will help you to identify the issues that are relevant to you, and this should be done at least annually as your issues are likely to change over time. 

Examples of issues

Here are some of the issues that you could be facing within the event industry. Use the SWOT and PESTLE analysis in the next sections to help narrow these down and consider any other areas that may be applicable to your organisation.

  • Accessibility
  • Animal welfare
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Cultural issues
  • Local community
  • Labour standards
  • Conditions of work and social practices
  • Discrimination and vulnerable groups
  • Economic performance
  • Materials choice
  • Human development and training in the workforce
  • Emissions reduction
  • Security practices
  • Social justice
  • Venues
  • Waste
  • Noise
Katy Carlisle