What Are Our Past Interns doing Now?

Rebecca Cawley - Ambassador's Intern

1.   What was your role at PI and what were your main responsibilities?

 My role at Positive Impact was to plan engagement strategies to draw in potential ambassadors and keep the current community engaged. I learnt a wide varied of skills in the role including social media strategy, content creation and email marketing.

2.  What was your favourite part about your internship?

The company culture is unlike any other. Unlike most internships, from day one I had real responsibility, I was provided with countless opportunities to develop my skill set and I was giving the chance to have my say and actually shape the future of the company.

3.   What have you been doing since your internship? 

Straight after my internship I was offered a job and I am currently working for an Interior design magazine in a marketing and PR based role.

4.  Do you think positive impact helped you get where you are now? And How?

The internship definitely helped me, not only to have skills and experience to show employers but it gave me so much confidence and let me have a go at so many different aspects of marketing that it helped me decide what I enjoyed and what career path i want to follow in the future.

5.   Sum Positive Impact up in three words

Collaborative, Challenging, Encouraging