SITE Roadmap

Why is it important to create a roadmap?

To create a roadmap use the materials below which were originally created for the SITE community and log through to SITE website as well.

If you have created your own roadmap submit it to us and we’ll share it!

In 2018 SITE Foundation and SITE Global asked Positive Impact to set the groundwork for the creation of a sustainability charter.

The outcome was a series of materials which can be used by anyone to create a sustainability strategy.

To create a sustainability charter is important to understand the sustainability challenges the industry is facing.

In order to gather input from global SITE community a number of engagement opportunities were created including:

  1. A webinar for SITE members at large to identify their challenges.

  2. A questionnaire which is suitable for SITE members at large to share their input.

  3. A webinar for SITE Chapters to understand how they can use their roadmap toolkit as a Chapter activity.

  4. A roadmap toolkit which can be used by SITE Chapters including a SITE Roadmap agenda, SITE Roadmap creator and a SITE Roadmap presentation.

So we encourage everyone to create roadmaps and submit them to so content can be used to inform the creation of SITE's sustainability charter.