What does the Paris Agreement mean for the event industry?

One year on from the Paris Agreement reached at COP 21 last December, we take a look at what carbon targets mean for the event industry. We're delighted to share the thoughts of Nicolas Perin, Programme Manager at the International Tourism Partnership, and his guest blog on hotels and carbon.

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How can we create a sustainable event industry through targeting food waste?

This month our focus at Positive Impact is food waste! We believe this is a really important area in terms of both climate change and sustainability. By targeting food waste and food miles you can save money, have a positive impact on the local community, and also reduce your impact on the environment. In this way the choices we make about food contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability. Also, check out our interview with Selina Juul below!

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Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics

The 2016 Olympics and Paralympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, the second most populated city in Brazil and its inspiring people around the world. These are huge scale events on a global platform, it's an opportune time to discuss sustainability initiatives in practice at such mega events.