Featured Ambassador: Wan-Yi (Laura) Chang

Tell us about your interest in sustainability...

Working as an event planner in Japan (and having PCO experiences in Taiwan), I have seen how environmentally unfriendly an event could be. For example, lots of food wastes and plastic wastes remained after the events. Through these experiences, I deeply realized the importance and necessity of taking actions towards sustainability in the event industry.

What one tip would you give to others when it comes to sustainability in events?

I think that would be “having the courage to face challenges”.

Although the concept of sustainability has been developed and known for more than a decade, the actions taken in the event industry only had occurred in these years.

The awareness of the sustainability in the event industry is still not enough and many people still think being sustainable means cost more. Something like this would continually pop out in front of us, and it is important for us to have the courage to face those challenges.

What is your favorite SDG and why?

My favorite one is Goal No. 4 (Quality Education). Education plays a very important role in promoting the concept of sustainability. And we could achieve this goal by using the power of the events.

Why do you think others should sign up to become an Ambassador?

Why? Because you would find out that you are not alone!! The Ambassador program provides you all the tips and resources that you need on your way to be sustainable. And it is a platform where you could see what actions taken by other ambassadors in the world!!