Starting a Conversation about Migrant Workers within the Events Industry

Events bring people together to collaborate, innovate and create a world that works for everyone. The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for business, government and more to follow and create a world that works for everyone. UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 is Decent Work & Economic Growth. 

UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 is Decent Work & Economic Growth. Positive Impact & the Institute for Human Rights & Business are collaborating to inspire a conversation about ‘Decent Work & Economic Growth’ within the global event industry and we want your input. 

The workforce associated with the events industry is characterised by large numbers of agency staff and temporary workers many of whom are migrants. The nature of their working arrangements and migrant status may make these workers especially vulnerable to exploitation, including, in extreme cases, forced labour and trafficking. As companies in all sectors begin to gain a better understanding of how modern slavery may impact their operations, it is important that the events industry also scrutinises its own working practices and arrangements with service providers to ensure that it is not complicit in exploitation and abuse.

Until September 2018 we are asking event professionals (specifically those engaged in business events) to share their opinions so we can create educational materials & collaboration opportunities to promote decent work within the industry and address challenges including modern day slavery and human rights.

By answering these questions you will influence the creation of a sustainable event industry. All results will be anonymous. Email us if you would like to be contacted in the future on this topic.

4. How would you like to learn more about this topic?
5. Does your own company undertake any checks or other forms of due diligence on modern slavery in supply chains into events you are connected with?
6. Does your company have clear criteria in place and undertake checks on employment agencies, catering, security firms and other service providers with whom you engage to deliver events.
7. If planning events at hotels has your company ever included questions relating to the use of outsourced workers in your engagement with the hotel company?

Thank you for participating, your responses will help start the conversation on migrant workers and human rights in the events industry!