What does gender equality look like in the event industry?

This month, we spoke to SITE, Allied PRA and MPI about our theme of the month, 'what does gender equality look like in the event industry?' March is a great month to discuss gender equality with International Women's Day taking place on the 8th March. According to the United Nations, 'gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.' Our interviews highlight the need to have more women in leadership positions in the event industry as well as within businesses. We also touched on subjects such as human trafficking and discussed the steps the event industry should take in order to become more gender equal.


We were lucky enough to speak to Kevin, the CEO of SITE, the global incentive travel industry. Listen to what he had to say below. 


Kristi Sanders, the head of academy at MPI took time to discuss our theme and talk about studies that have been carried out regarding gender equality. 

Allied Pra

Annette Gregg, the regional vice president for Allied PRA spoke to us about her experience as a female leader in the event industry! Read the Blog Post or listen to Annette's interview below.