What practical evidence should I see to know my event is sustainable?

This month, we spoke to Goodwood, Bristlecone Strategies, MPI Belgium and A Greener Festival about our theme 'what practical evidence should I see to know my event is sustainable?' According to the UN, events "can leave a significant environmental footprint – through consuming energy and water, generating waste, polluting the air and water, and contributing to climate change by creating greenhouse gas emissions." Although we all know this to be the case, the events industry also has an immense power to enforce change through our efficient and effective ways of sharing ideas, identifying solutions and reaching agreements. Our interviews and blogs this month address these issues and provide effective tools to help tackle them. 


This month we spoke to Claire Mannion, the Event Manager from Goodwood. She told us all about the sustainable practices within Goodwood. Listen to what she had to say below. 


We also spoke to Jill Savery, the CEO at Bristlecone Strategies, Inc. She spoke to us about our theme of the month. Listen to what she had to say below. 


This months blog is from Mariska Kesteloo, the president of MPI Belguim. She gave some useful tips linking to our monthly theme. Have to look at it here. 


We also had a blog from Claire O'Neill, the co-founder and director of A Greener Festival. She gave some valuable information referring to our monthly theme. Check out the blog here.