10 Top Tips for Using Events to Create Good Health and Well-being in the World

1. Use success stories

Success stories and positive aspirations help focus people on the importance of good health and well-being, and could inspire event participants to make it a priority.

2. Encourage physical activity during event breaks

Getting active not only improves physical health, it is also associated with lower rates of mental health problems and higher levels of satisfaction.

3. Events can promote good nutrition

Offering fruit and natural snacks at your events, or providing education on the benefits of healthy eating, could have a big impact in the fight against many common diseases that arise from poor nutrition.

4. Communicate the importance of the relationship between events and good health and well-being

Event-goers and event-organisers need to be aware of the crucial role of events in promoting good health and wellbeing. This can be achieved through workshops; leaflets and flyers that will help develop a shared sense of responsibility in the promotion of good health and wellbeing.

5. Assess yourself

Get advice from experts on sustainability and regularly assess how your event could be improved. Surveys and questionnaires can determine how healthy your event is currently and help you to quickly start improving.

6. Offer free water

It’s generally recommended that we drink about eight classes of water a day. Making free, easily accessible water available at your events encourages attendants to stay hydrated, which has many positive health implications.

7. Celebrate health awareness days

 By linking your well-being activities, fundraisers, or events to national or international health awareness days throughout the year increases understanding of health issues and actions that can be taken to reduce them. 

8. Connect

Evidence shows that good relationships are important for our mental well-being and that building relationships with wider social connections can help us feel happier, more secure, and give us a greater sense of purpose.

9. Learn new skills

Events that help attendees achieve their goals and develop new skills can increase confidence and self-esteem, help people feel more positive about the future, and encourage social interaction and a more active life.

10. Discourage smoking

Individuals who quit smoking quickly notice changes in their physical well-being. By discouraging smoking at your events and prohibiting it from the conference premises, you could encourage event-goers to quit, significantly reducing rates of lung cancer and other potentially life-threatening conditions.