10 top tips on how events can create peace

These 10 ideas can help your organization think about ways your events can be a force for peace and justice.

1. Invite guests of different backgrounds, religions and origins to your events. Diversity at events enable conversations to take place with a wider perspective. Being able to hear different views and opinions is essential in order to create awareness and collaborative solutions to combat injustices in the world.



2. Create an innovative environment 

Innovative environments allow people to speak out more freely and openly. In a free and creative environment, sensitive subjects may be illustrated in a lighter way and can be discussed thoroughly.

Create an innovative environment

3.Learn about a new religion or culture Notions of different religions and cultures are often misconstrued by the media and can therefore create prejudices in society. Events are therefore a great opportunity for educational purposes. Learning about a new religion or culture at an event allows people to think in an integral way about the world and create a more inclusive society.


4. Start a movement Events gather a lot of people together in one room and have the power to potentially create one voice. The Women's March which took place in January is a great example of a movement that united millions of people to stand up for women's rights and justice.

Start a movement


5. Speak to people with opposing views  The world is full of people with opposing beliefs and views however, this doesn't mean conversations have to be confrontational. Understanding why someone has those specific values or views can be a great way to think of future solutions or compromises. 

Speak to people with opposing views

6. Understand the reasons for failure If peace was easy to achieve in the world, we would live in a world without wars and corruption. Events that acknowledge and map out past failures are key in creating a more peaceful world.  

Understand the reasons for failure

7. Empower people in local communities The sentiment of feeling disengaged in politics within small communities is common. However, creating a more peaceful world begins at home as well as within local communities. Events have the potential to give people a voice to create change in their local community. 

Empower people in local communities

8. Talk directly with those affected Events have the power to bring people together and allow people to speak to those directly affected. For example, many events are held in order to help solve the refugee crisis. Speaking to refugees who have lived through these atrocities help people gain insight on how we can help.


9. Focus on what you have in common The Olympics is a great example of an event that breaks down artificial barriers between a diverse group of people. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you look like, what matters in the Olympics is your ability to perform. People gather at this event because of their love of a certain sport no matter what their nationality or background is.  

Focus on what you have in common

10. Tell the Story of the Power of Events The event industry can have a huge positive impact in creating a more peaceful world from the local economic impact, to inspiring positive behaviour change. Face-to-face collaboration is essential for creating a world that works for everyone. During 2017, help us share the story of the power of events with the world using the hashtag #shareapositiveimpact.

Tell the story of the power of events