10 Top Tips on How the Events Industry Can Help Lead in the Global Goal to Create Sustainable Cities and Communities

Effective Planning

Effective planning minimises the waste levels of events; variables can all be accounted for efficiently and sustainably. For example, overconsumption can damage the environment of a city, with effective planning overconsumption is minimised.

Eco-friendly Facilities

Encouraging eco-friendly facilities such as renewable energy powered infrastructure as well as low-waste amenities will improve the cities and aid in a sustainable future.



Communicate Sustainability

Effectively communicating sustainability to the communities and to the event organisers allows them to understand the impacts of sustainability. Communicating techniques to aid in sustainability could encourage positive behavioural changes.


Support Communities

Support surrounding communities when an impact of climate change has occurred. Encouraging community spirit will help build a support network and implement change to help tackle climate change.


Forward Thinking

From the start of the event - think sustainable! Have in mind the suppliers and venues which are sustainable, this alongside effective planning allows for an events industry which is sustainable, these thought processes can all be applied to cities to improve efficiency and sustainability.



Ensuring all parties involved are accountable for their waste, with levels of wastage being tracked to use



Events can be used to influence and educate people about reducing consumption and waste, being used as a platform for spreading information and spreading the word on how to attain a sustainable events industry.



Events can set the precedent for recycling, being spaces of influence. Having recycling bins at an event may change mind-sets and promote recycling within an area, creating a sustainable city.



Collaboration within the events industry can offer insights from various disciplines which promote sustainability. Communication and collaboration between businesses and within communities can promote sustainable cities and communities.



Events managers getting local communities involved and supporting them offers the chance to build communities spirit as well as implementing changes within cities to make them more sustainable.