10 Years of Sustainability

2015 marked 10 years since the launch of Positive Impact- which was set up to create education and collaboration opportunities to create a sustainable event industry. So what can we learn from the last 10 years about what the next 10 years could look like? Click here to read our MD Fiona Pelham's blog on 10 years of Positive Impact which identifies 10 changes that we can expect from the industry in the coming years.  

We also caught up with AECC and Goodwood to see what they thought of sustainability and the benefits of implementing ISO20121.


Interview with David McDonald from AECC.


1.  Why do you think sustainability is important?

It is important part of our business to ensure we are achieving the best way of working. 

2. What would be your #1 tip for industry around sustainability?

To get involved as together we can make a huge difference.

3. Briefly, what work does AECC do around sustainability?

We are currently working towards ISO 20121 certification along with sustainable events and our in house working group. We also work hard to ensure we retain our Green Tourism business GOLD award. 

4.  What benefits have you seen from implementing sustainability?

The journey so far has been very educational from a company point of view and the different methods in terms of how we communicate with all our stakeholders.

5. How has PI helped you on your sustainability journey?

Education and support materials have enabled us to look at various ways of how we change our business.


Interview with Claire Mannion, Events Manager from Goodwood.


1. Why do you think sustainability is important?

a. It is a really useful and helpful tool to help businesses think about the way they deliver their events/products

b. Helps to challenge the ways in which businesses operate

c. Helps encourage different ways of working


2. What would be your #1 tip for industry around sustainability?

a. It is really important that everyone understand sustainability and the benefits it can bring to a business, so making sure everyone is engaged in the process is vital.