5 Top Tips on How We Can Reach the UN's SDGs and What Governments Need to Know

Partnerships and Cooperation

A stronger commitment to partnership and cooperation is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. That effort will require coherent policies, an enabling environment for sustainable development at all levels and by all actors and a reinvigorated Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.


Promote Health & Well- Being

Events need to ensure the easy availability and accessibility of healthy foods as opposed to junk foods. To meet the Sustainable Development Goals health targets by 2030, progress must be accelerated, in particular in regions with the highest burden of disease.


Inclusive & Sustainable Cities and Homes

Governments need to create legitimate legislation to ensure less air pollution in cities, create safer streets and basic services in cities, ie, public transport.  Better urban planning and management are needed to make the world’s urban spaces more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


Sustainable Consumption

As individuals we can achieve sustainable consumption by monitoring our waste of food and beverages and cutting our meat intake. On a national level, we can focus on sustainable business practices and consumer behaviour, together with adherence to international norms on the management of hazardous chemicals and wastes.


Combat Climate Change

Governments need to collaborate with other countries to urgently push through climate change legislation. Monitoring our car use, our energy levels at our events and effectively lowering our carbon footprint as an industry.